Career Profile: Construction Project Manager

A construction project manager is a person who works for the construction sector. This person plans, coordinates, and controls all aspects of a construction project to suit the needs of his or her clients. This person will work from beginning to end performing tasks such as putting together the construction team, specifying project objectives, and budgeting. The construction project manager may also take part in scheduling, designing, and ordering parts and materials. This individual must be able to work with a team and resolve conflicts between workers and officials. A manager also needs to have problem resolution skills.

Construction managers mostly work out of a main office, overseeing the entire project from start to finish. They make decisions on a daily basis about how the workers can get the job done in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Most of these individuals are self-employed.

Degrees and Experience Needed

To become a construction project manager, the person must have a strong grasp of the English language as well as software knowledge, certification, and a degree. The best route for a person to take to enter this field is to study building science and business. A person looking to become a construction project manager will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, management and construction science. Certification may also be necessary for some construction project management positions. The American Institute of Constructors offers excellent programs for one to become certified. Proper certification will prove that the person has some experience for the position. Generally, a person seeking work in this position should have approximately seven years of experience in the field.

Construction Project Manager Salary

A construction project manager can make between $64,000 and $104,000 per year. The average income in the United States for this position is $85,624. This figure converts to an hourly rate of $41.17 or a monthly pay amount of $7,135. Pay rate varies according to educational experience, work experience, location, project size and industry. A senior construction project manager has the potential to make up to $120,000 per year.

Future Job Prospects

A person who desires a position as a construction project manager has a positive job outlook. The job market is supposed to continue to grow approximately 17% over the course of the next eight years. The speed of growth is about average as compared to other job markets.

In the future, the construction industry will change as technology advances even further. Managers will need to have more extensive software training as many of the tasks will have to be done by computer programs. However, the number of jobs in this field will continue to grow, as there is always a need for new buildings and other structures. The world will always need more stores, hospitals, libraries, restaurants, and retail outlets. Additionally, many of the buildings that already exist will need to be reconstructed to accommodate handicapped clients. Some companies will also need to make their buildings more energy efficient. Therefore, the job outlook will continue to be positive for this market.