What Jobs in Communications are Good for Former Military?

The jobs in communications that are good for former military personnel can be found in almost every industry. Veterans tend to have the disciplined maturity and exclusive training that employers value and appreciate.

Communications Specialist

Veterans who have experience with military public relations may excel as a private communication specialist who develops, implements and evaluates effective communications campaigns and deliverables, according to Military.com. This includes content determination, creative direction, in-depth research, writing critique and final editing. A corporate communications specialist may help promote and protect their company’s brand through managing social media channels and press relations. On any given day, they may collaborate with writers, editors, strategists and managers.

They may be involved with communication strategy planning, goal setting, content management, community engagement, customer consultation and brand awareness development. These communications specialist should be highly creative and motivated individuals who drive customer engagement on a daily basis. They work with marketing and advertising professionals to turn online searchers, website visitors and the public into customers. Communications specialists may work with marketing, public relations and media relations teams.

Communications Analyst

A veteran with a background in communication or intelligence will excel as a communications analyst. They evaluate everything from social media brand campaigns to press reviews to online consumer reviews. Communications analysts will review relevant content topics that are designed to reach target customers. They may analyze online and print published content that includes images and videos. They often monitor trending social media conversations. They may also analyze in-person product test experiences and online conceptual brand web experiments.

This means that they may review the design and response to Facebook timelines, profile pics, thumbnails, Twitter posts and blog profiles. They analyze key communications metrics and in order to recommend appropriate strategies and provide reports for management that shows potential ROI results. They help develop comprehensive communication plans and drive testing and metrics strategies. Communications analyst may also review public events, online events and organization stakeholder meetings.

Media Relations Specialist

Another one of the jobs in communications that are good for former military include media relations specialist. These communication professionals monitor media environments, develop positioning strategies and help create content messaging. They coordinate ongoing media and marketing programs across multiple channels for various audiences. They help manage the production and distribution of media content and marketing materials. This may include print communications, campaign guidelines, recommended initiatives and fundraising materials.

All of these must effectively deliver the desired message and elicit the desired respond in targeted stakeholders. Media relations specialists coordinate project budgets, workflows, timelines and deadlines. One project may require them to ensure that brand standards are applied across all channels, while another may require them to assist in the creation of web and social media messaging. They will need to develop a deep understanding of their company’s product or service design and style.

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The jobs in communications that are good for former military also include brand campaign, product marketing, media education and digital design manager. Veterans whose assigned MOSs were outside the field of communications are encouraged to pursue a graduate-level certificate related to a topic like business, strategic, marketing or public relations communication.