What Type of Jobs Should I Expect to Get with a Military Degree?

As a veteran of the Armed Forces, your training is considered to be the best in the world. The military teaches you not only how to be an effective leader but also how to follow orders as directed. You’ve been trained to work well in a team environment but also know that diligence to personal duty is a trait only those in uniform fully comprehend. Pair that training with the knowledge of a four-year degree and in your transition to the civilian world, you are a force not to be reckoned with. In even the most despairing of economic times, veteran professionals hold the most commanding of positions.

10 Great Jobs for the Veteran with a Degree

1 – Management Consultant
Management Consultants help bring perspective to companies that are in need of a change. An MBA is often required for this job but the military leadership training makes the veteran an ideal candidate for this position.

2 – Training and Development Specialist
Advancement in rank with the military often requires a great deal of self motivation in extended learning, training, and excellent job performance. As part of the human resources department, a career training and development specialist assists employees with their career goals while making sure the company’s manpower needs are kept.

3 – Logistics Operations Manager
In this global economy of supply and demand products needs to be stored, shipped, processed, and moved with efficiency and direction. Military members, especially those in higher ranks, often coordinate the movement of everything from personnel to supplies.

4 – Criminal Justice/Security Manager
Military members are sworn to oath to protect and defend. Even if the veteran’s primary job wasn’t carrying a gun, standing watch is part of their daily routine. This background and a Criminal Justice Degree can allow the veteran to get into various aspects of security and crime prevention.

5 – Project Manager
The life of a project manager is that of a task master and the juggling of many hats to keep on time, on budget, and on task. It’s also a position where middle management veterans excel greatly in.

6 – Information Systems Manager/Systems Analyst
Working in computer information systems requires an analytical mind and the flexibility to be able to work under pressure. For the technically sound veteran with a degree in information sciences, these jobs will provide for endless opportunities to advance and learn.

7 – Instructor/Teacher
Veterans gather an incredible amount of practical knowledge in generally a short amount of time. This experience can prove to be quite valuable asset for instruction.

8 – Finance/Accounting/Controller
Working in finance requires an analytical mind that pays the strictest attention to detail. Missing a decimal or shifting a numeral can mean ruin for a business. In the military that attention to detail is the difference between life and death and is a strong skill set for any number cruncher.

9 – Intelligence Analyst
A veteran with any kind of technical degree can find themselves working as an intelligence analyst. Often employed by another government agency, these analysts take collective data and find commonalities to link them to something greater.

10 – Forensics
Often confused with criminal justice the forensic sciences actually embrace many different aspects to include medicine, engineering, and even information science. A highly analytical mind with an acute attention to detail are needed.

Veterans offer a great many skills that are invaluable to any employer. Strong leadership skills, attention to detail, assertiveness, and having a strong work ethic play important roles in finding the right place to work. With that military training and a strong degree to back up your knowledge, there are many great jobs that are ready to explore.