What Management Consultant Jobs Are Available For Former Military?

Management ConsultantIt should come as no surprise that management consultant jobs for former military members are among the most popular jobs filled after reentering civilian life. Consulting work offers notoriously high salaries, excellent benefits, and the kind of upward career potential that many people only dream of. The consulting industry is actually an excellent fit for former members of the military as well. The ability to think in terms of efficiency, productivity, and maximizing organizational potential simply fit well with the ethos of the military itself. With a strong undergraduate education, an MBA, and military experience, several consulting opportunities stand out.

Management Consulting

Management consulting enjoys the highest salaries among all consulting positions, and it also enjoys the fastest rate of growth among all consulting jobs. The industry is expected to expand hiring by up to 24 percent through the end of the decade, making it a natural choice for military members who want to land a job quickly and get to work as quickly as possible.

In management consulting, veterans will focus on optimizing an organization’s managerial structure. They’ll try to eliminate redundant management positions, rearrange existing departments in ways that encourage better collaboration, and reduce costs by streamlining the relationship between management and those who fill out each department, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job is not without controversy, however, as management consultants are sometimes criticized for being too quick to eliminate positions, departments, and familiar work routines.

Financial Consultant

Just like management consultants, the goal of a financial consultant is to optimize an organization. In this case, they’ll be looking at the company in terms of how much money it spends and how much money it takes in on a quarterly basis. Financial consultants are determined to make a company’s money work better for them over the long-term, and they often advise companies on new accounting practices, strategic investments, stock actions, and much more.

Financial consultants are also concerned with the nature of a company’s expenses. They may advise cutting back on certain benefit programs and compensated outings, for instance. They may also restructure the company‚Äôs method of hiring and promoting workers with salary and benefit packages. All of these changes would be made in consultation with executive-level managers.

Public Service Consultant

Though consultants are often thought of as creatures of the private sector, consulting work typically makes its way into public service positions as well. In an area of government austerity and shrinking budgets, consultants are often brought in to help an agency maintain its workforce with reduced funding. Consultants in this role may encourage a change in agency organization, changes to pay grades and salary scale advancement, and reductions in long-term hiring goals. They may also help to advise the agency on alternative sources of funding and ways to take advantage of limited grant programs made available by the state or federal government overseeing that agency.

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Military Members Have the Discipline and Dedication for Consulting Jobs

Consulting is no easy task, especially because it involves significant changes to a company’s financial or management structure. Even so, military members have the discipline and dedication it takes to push companies toward change. For this reason, management consultant jobs for former military members are plentiful in a fast-growing, wide-ranging industry that spans both the public and private sectors of the modern American economy.