What Jobs are Available in Criminal Justice for Former Military?

Criminal JusticeFinding jobs available in criminal justice for former military is easier than some might think. The time that you spent in the military gave you a special set of skills and helped you get in tip top physical shape. Whether you studied criminal justice after leaving the military or while serving your country, you can use the knowledge you have and the skills that you developed to seek out jobs working for the government or on your own.

Private Investigator

Working as a private investigator is one of the top jobs available in criminal justice for former military. Private investigators often work independently and run their own companies, but they may also work for private companies and organizations. They perform background checks on individuals, gather evidence for clients and generally help clients find the information that they need. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private investigators only need a high school diploma and some experience in the investigation field. Earning your criminal justice degree can help you develop strong research and investigative skills and prepare you for obtaining an investigation license in your state.

Police Officer

After leaving the military, you might consider working as a police officer. Some cities require that police officers have a degree in criminal justice or a similar field. Before applying for a job, you will need to pass a background check and a physical fitness test. You can then enroll in the police academy. Only those who successfully pass all the required tests and finish the police academy can become an officer. Most cities also require that all officers living within the city limits before applying for an open position.

Border Patrol Agent

The jobs available in criminal justice for former military also include positions as border patrol agents. These men and women patrol any entrances to the country to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the order. They also investigate ports and other places where immigrants can gain access to the country. Anyone interested in working as a border patrol agent must first take an examination and submit a completed application packet. You will then take a drug test and schedule an interview with a government panel. If you successfully pass the interview, you’ll attend several more sessions with other interviewers and go through a background check before becoming an agent.

Game Warden

If you enjoy spending time outside and working by yourself, consider becoming a game warden. Every state in the country uses game wardens to protect natural resources and state parks. Game wardens patrol those areas and look for signs of potential problems. Some of those problems might include companies illegally dumping hazardous waste, people growing drugs in the wilderness and individuals illegally poaching protected animals. Most states require that game wardens go through some on the job training before working and that they pass a criminal background check. You may also need to pass a physical fitness test.

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Between your military experience and your education, you have a unique set of skills that few others possess. Those skills can assist you well in many of the different types of jobs available in criminal justice for former military, including jobs as private investigators, border patrol agents, game wardens and police officers, and these jobs let you work independently or with others.