What is the Army Knowledge Online?

Army Knowledge OnlineArmy Knowledge Online is the basic site where active duty, Reserves, DA Civilian, the National Guard and other contract workers are able to send and receive emails, chat, participate in forums, store files and much more. AKO is safe, secure and readily available to all users.

Accessing Army Knowledge Online

Upon enlisting in the services, you are required to register for an Army Knowledge Online account. The Department of Defense has approved the Army Knowledge Online to be accessed by password and a Common Access Card. A Common Access Card is a card that has a chip in it. Any time that you use computers through a military base, you will be required to scan your Common Access Card for clearance.

College and Promotion

The Army Knowledge Online has a feature that allows soldiers and Department of Army civilians to access educational programs. The educational programs are necessary for promotion points, and they can later be transferred to college credits. While some people still criticize the system, most people enjoy being able to access these programs, and appreciate that they can be used towards their future.

Financial Functionalities

The Army Knowledge Online allows users to access all of their financial information. From wages to housing and food allowances, the system receives and stores financial information that is relevant to the branch that they are in. If someone would like to see what they made over the past two years, they can do so. The Army Knowledge Online is great for those who wish to keep all of their relevant information in one place.

Health Records

As a member of any branch of service, it is important to have all of your medical files and information in one easy-to-access place. The Army Knowledge Online keeps record of you and your family. They will keep track of DNA, deployment readiness, past physical exams, mental and emotional stability charts and just about every other health related aspect of your life.

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Guest Accounts

In order to have a guest account, you will require an Army sponsor. Guest accounts do not have as much functionality as a full account, but they can be useful when communicating confidential information or for someone who is relevant to the Army. Guest accounts can be provided to contractors, Army volunteers, ROTC cadets, Federal Security agencies, incoming soldiers and many more people. The best way to find out if you qualify for an Army Knowledge Online account is to visit the Army Knowledge Online website.

The Army Knowledge Online website was established to enable members to safely and securely discuss protocols, confidential information and communicate amongst each other. The site has a very high security rating, and cannot be used in conjunction with other email and software programs. While many users keep other accounts, pertinent information is sent through the Army Knowledge Online system. This is to ensure that people, who are not cleared to read the information, do not have access to actually read the material.