What is GoArmyEd? And How Do I Apply?

One of the benefits that those in the Army receive is tuition assistance through Go Army Ed. Using this online tool allows army students the chance to take classes towards a degree and the army to monitor the use of tuition assistance for that student for the duration of their education. Go Army Ed makes receiving an education more efficient as it allows students to keep track of all schools and courses they have accessed and completed in one convenient location.

What is Go Army Ed and How is it Used?

Go Army Ed is an online portal used by Army students to manage their classes, their degrees, and their course registrations in a way that allows the army to easily monitor and fund. It also provides other useful information for both students and the Army to manage and review. In general, Go Army Ed serves as an online advising tool for Army students, but it has many different functions.

A main function of Go Army Ed is to house a legally binding degree plan known as Service members Opportunity College Army Degrees or a SOCAD agreement. This is an agreement between a school and the army student specifying what classes and other requirements the student has to complete before graduating. Under normal circumstances, the agreement has an eight year limit, and can be completely rewritten to include all new requirements once it reaches its expiration date. Additionally, if a student leaves the school for another institution, many schools will choose to issue a new SOCAD agreement if the student returns within the eight year time frame. During the eight year period, one of the only ways that the agreement can be altered without permission from the student and the Army Education Center is if the school changes course titles or makes other changes that cause certain class selections no longer available. In those instances, the school is obligated to provide the Army with appropriate course substitutions and replacements.

The other main function of Go Army Ed is to provide students with a place to register for their courses. All Army students who wish to receive tuition assistance must register through the Go Army Ed portal. The process is length, but it allows the Army to better process courses and allocate payments to the school. In most cases, the Army will have an agreement with a school specifying a tuition cap, or maximum tuition payment per credit hour. The Go Army Ed portal will keep track of this as well.

Signing Up for Go Army Ed

Students who wish to apply to Go Army Ed can start the process on the home page. Once a student begins the process, they will be asked to provide information for several questions. Depending on the answers and the required information, the process might take between thirty minutes to an hour. Once submitted, students will have to receive approval from the Army Education center. From there, students can search for schools to apply to.

Go Army Ed As a Multi-Functional Tool

Go Army Ed provides Army students with a central location for academic management. Although the portal is not meant to take the place of person to person advising, it does allow students to automatically take care of some of the easier tasks. Go Army Ed has made education much more accessible for the Army Student.