What is a Government Management Consultant?

Government Management ConsultantGovernment management consultants are senior experts in their field who offer advice to target government agencies. They typically specialize in a field of study and provide assistance on major projects. Almost all government management consultants have advanced degrees and extensive work experience.

Job Description

Government management consultants work with local, state and federal departments to streamline processes, increase efficiency and ultimately improve the quality of public service. They do this by gathering and analyzing data to make feasible recommendations to leaders. Sometimes, they are charged with overseeing and reporting on their own implemented recommendations. Often referred to as government management analysts, many of these professionals have extensive expertise in certain business functions. This includes IT, health care and supply chain management. They may be asked to help local government leaders expand services to neighboring communities, or they may be asked to provide strategic advice regarding the feasibility of large-capital projects.

Department of Homeland Security Consultants

A government management consultants may primarily work with the Department of Homeland Security, which relies on the integrated efforts and strategies of the internal partners and the civil and private sectors. These consultants will help their clients restructure and reevaluate their programs and processes so they can quickly react to changing trends and emergencies. A DHS government management consultant will design and implement continuous innovation and process improvement programs. However, to do this they must reduce risks, leverage technology, encourage inter-departmental communication and develop integrated solutions. They may assist with intelligence, such as sharing and gathering procedures, or they may help with operations, such as training on contingency planning and
situational awareness.

Big Data Consultants

These government management consultants have strong technical and analytical backgrounds. They offer big data solutions and technologies to government agencies. Their big data consultants utilize mountains of previously unanalyzed raw data. They use data analytics and business intelligence tools and techniques to extrapolate previously unknown facts. For example, a big data consultant who works with the Department of Health and Human Services may access vast data warehouses to compile groundbreaking reports on public health and social services trends. These consultants have technical acumen, leadership skills and the curiosity to explore new ideas and methodologies.
These professionals must maintain security clearance and stay up-to-date on data integration and architecture related technologies.

Required Qualifications

Practically all government management consultants will have a master’s degree in fields like finance, management and administration. MBA degrees are very popular for government management consultants. However, consultants who work in highly technical industries, such as IT or health care, must have relevant academic backgrounds. When hiring consultants, almost all government bodies expect consultants to have some type of industry standard certification. This translates to a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) certification for general consultants, which is granted by the Institute of Management Consultants, and a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) accreditation for logistics managers, which is offered by The Association for Operations Management (APICS).

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Anyone who wants to become a successful government management consultant should complete a graduate level certificate program in business or management analysis.