What Careers in the FAA are Available For Former Military?

Searching for employment after transitioning from the military to the civilian sector can be a daunting task. Multiple sites list available jobs, but it can be difficult to sift through all of them to find the position that matches your skills. The FAA offers many jobs that translate directly from military service.

Aviation Careers

The FAA needs highly qualified air traffic controllers, electronics technicians, and quality assurance inspectors. The United State military provides excellent training in these fields. According to CNN reported in 2015 that the FAA was facing the highest shortage in air traffic controllers in nearly 30 years. A study by the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago noted that electronics technicians are also in high demand.

Executive Careers

The FAA needs officers, executives, and senior professionals to lead the organization. Officers provide strategic planning for the future of the FAA, a perfect fit for someone who is used to leading in the military. Executives focus on staff needs by balancing resources between departments and setting SMART goals. Lastly, senior professionals are the subject matter experts whose innovation shapes the future of the FAA.

Professional Careers

Acquisition specialists are needed in order to analyze all laws and regulations that affect the FAA’s contracts, as well as propose changes to current guidance. Contract specialists must be familiar with all aspects of the process to include procurement of new contracts and enforcement of the contract’s requirements. Human resource specialists provide another avenue for employment with the FAA.


The FAA needs highly competent engineers of all trades, including mechanical, civil, and electronic engineers. These types of personnel are needed to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge, and safety to protect air travelers.

Why is this a Good Fit for Former Military?

There are a variety of reasons why the FAA is a good fit for former military personnel. First of all, military personnel meet most of the initial requirements for employment with the FAA. In some cases, the FAA will require an employee to attend an FAA-run school in order to be hired. Additionally, some positions have an age limit. However, a former military member meets citizenship, training, and experience requirements in most cases.

Secondly, the FAA is a federal job, which means that any former military member can complete the time requirement for a 20 year retirement or earn a second federal retirement by working there. Along with this, the veteran will be utilizing skills that they learned and honed while in the military.

Lastly, the FAA is bound by laws and other forms of regulations. Since the military is also shaped by strict rules, this provides a familiar setting in which to work. This should ease the transition of the veteran back to civilian life.

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Overall, the FAA is a great place to work. Veterans are welcomed with open arms due to their specialized training, discipline, and work ethic. The FAA has a multitude of employment opportunities, including aviation, professional, executive, and technical positions, matching the skills that veterans learned while serving on active duty.