The Best Civilian Jobs for Special Forces Veterans

The United States military is widely recognized as one of the best fighting forces in the world. Within our military, the group considered to be the “best of the best” is the Special Forces. Each branch of the military has their version of Special Forces, from the Army’s Green Berets and Rangers to the Navy’s SEALs, the Air Force’s Special Operations and the Marines’ Force Recon. The young men that compose the Special Forces are an elite group that has gone through incredibly rigorous training. However, not all of them elect to make their careers in the military and leave the Special Forces to pursue civilian careers. This article will discuss the best jobs available to former Special Forces in the civilian sector.

Clearing Up The Misconceptions

A common misconception is that the combat skills of Special Forces veterans are not in demand in the civilian world. In fact, former Special Forces members are among the most highly recruited job candidates in a number of industries, both inside and outside the government. See Special Forces Recruiting for additional information. Special Forces veterans can be recruited by foreign governments, military and corporations. With such a wide variety of available opportunities, determining the best job for an ex-Special Forces member depends upon the individual’s interests, desires and long-term career goals.

Private Military

Private military corporations and defense contractors seek out ex-Special Forces personnel for security and military assistance jobs in the United States and around the world. For example, during United States military operations in Iraq (2003 – 2011) there were thousands of private contractors supporting military efforts there. Many of these contractors were ex-Special Forces personnel that provided personal security (bodyguards) for senior U.S. diplomatic personnel and sometimes engaged in direct combat with the enemy.

These veterans can also easily transition into law enforcement positions at the local, state and federal levels depending upon their interests. In addition to law enforcement agencies (such as the state police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation) other government agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (counter-terrorism), Federal Emergency Management Agency (disaster assistance) and Defense Intelligence Agency (intelligence) are very interested in hiring Special Forces veterans.

Outside The Government Sector

Outside of the government sector, private companies also hire ex-Special Forces personnel for positions in security and corporate intelligence. Oil companies, for example, hire many prior military for security work at oil production facilities in the Middle East. If a veteran is seeking opportunities outside of the security field there are many corporations eager to hire him for his leadership and crisis management skills.

U.S. Special Forces personnel are among the most elite forces in the world. They are highly trained and disciplined and many private and government employers are eager to hire them for a broad array of jobs. Finding the best job for them depends upon the individual veteran’s career goals. Whether he wants to work overseas in a war zone providing security or have a more comfortable life in a corporate office, the opportunities are there for the taking.