How Do You Become a Business Operations Manager After Military Service?

Anyone who wants to become a business operations manager after military service must have relevant experience and equivalent academic training. Veterans whose MOS is unrelated to a business field should consider pursing an online bachelor’s degree of their choice. Veterans may select any business major, but the best type of degree would be related to supply chain, procurement, operations and production management. Many online degree programs offered through accredited colleges and universities help veterans transfer their military training and degrees into class credits.

Production Operations Manager

Veterans who want to become a production operations manager will most likely not have experience in the manufacturing sector. However, they should properly explain and highlight the skills learned from military leadership duties and training in their resume. Production operations managers may run end-to-end production processes in facilities and warehouses. This means that they will be involved with incoming raw materials, supervising temporary storage, scheduling production runs, supervising production staff, monitoring quality levels and managing shipping operations. Veterans may need to first work in the production sector before they apply for management positions. A team leader or supervisory position in a production facility will deal with storage, supply levels, work crews, process improvement methodologies. It’s important to develop skills related to operational effectiveness, cost containment, high quality control and lean and six sigma programs.

Supply Chain Operations Manager

The military operates some of the most advanced, scalable and successful logistical channels and systems. Former military service members must highlight on their resume that they have experience with military operations and logistics, according to It is a good idea to explain and translate military-based supply chain procedures, technology and organizations. Supply chain managers in the civilian world will need a few years of experience supervising staff, mission critical processes and operational policies. Supply chain managers should know how to partner with corporate operations staff to promote communication, efficiency and cooperation. Supply chain managers should have extreme attention to detail and perfect organization skills. Resumes should highlight filing, shipping, customs clearance and inventory management experience. Resumes should also demonstrate that the candidate knows how to manage stock levels, forecast supply needs and understand production schedules.

Health Care Operations Manager

Health care operations managers will be expected to have a bachelor’s degree and two to three years’ experience in clinical administration. These operations managers should provide insightful management and energetic leadership into clinical practices. They are responsible for planning, organizing and directing operations. They may assist directors in developing and implementing clinic strategies for long-and short-range business plans. They work closely with accounting directors in forecasting annual budgets and preparing financial statements. Health care operations managers must ensure compliance with all relevant federal and state regulations, internal policies and industry requirements. They may assist HR directors with staff recruitment, development and performance evaluation. Health care operations managers may research potential computerization opportunities, so they must be familiar with electronic medical records, digital sharing of images and professional billing services.

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Anyone who wants to become a business operations manager after military service must accurately translate their resume content into civilian terms and concepts. One of the leading military support websites offers very helpful advice on how to create civilian-friendly resumes.