How Can You Get a Job in Business After Military Service?

BusinessIf you want to get a job in business after military service, you should create a list of different career options that appeal to you so that you can narrow down your options. Military service will give you invaluable experience that can be used in practical business settings, but even with years of service under your belt you may need to pursue higher education before you will get attention on your job hunt.

Reentering the workforce as a veteran can be very intimidating. Many assume that being a veteran will give you a leg up in the job market, but information released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the unemployment rate for veterans is significantly higher than the rate for non-veterans. While employers do give hiring preference to veterans, veterans who are not prepared for the civilian job market find that the work cultures and employment requirements make finding work much more difficult than job seekers ever expected. Here are some tips on finding a job in business during your military-to-civilian transition.

Earn a Military Degree to Add to your Resume and Your Skill Set

One of the biggest advantages that you have as a veteran is that you will get help paying for your higher education. According to Citizen Times, the GI Bill will cover a large portion of eligible educational expenses so that you can earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related area. The education you received in the military can help you highlight some of your skills, but you really will need some amount of college credit to compete with the highly educated population of job seekers who currently are looking for employment or advancement. Once you have your degree, the window of opportunity will widen.

Look for Employers Who Hire Veterans

Many employers hire those who have served in the military, but some are dedicated to hiring veterans before non-veterans. If you really want to work for an employer who appreciates the time that you have given to protect the country, you can search Hire Veterans job boards to look for business openings in your area. Here you can find jobs, locate job fairs and also post your resume to be seen by employers actively searching for new candidates.

Consider Starting Your Own Business With Help from Military Organizations

If you are an entrepreneurial-spirited person, you may want to consider starting your own business where you are in charge. You will have to decide where your passion lies and where there is a demand that will create the opportunity to profit. You can also take entrepreneurship classes through the Institute for Veterans and Military Families so that your chances of success are higher. Equipped with the knowledge that you get from these veteran-facing programs, you can learn how business ownership can become your new lifestyle so that you can live a happy life as a civilian.

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Veterans who are transitioning to civilian life face unique challenges that others in the job market simply do not. If you would like to use your skills to work in business, you will need to take the appropriate steps to market yourself as the best fit for the job. Learn the appropriate way to brand yourself and you can get a job in business after military service.