How Can You Get A Job As An Air Marshal After Military Service?

Air MarshalGetting a job as an air marshal after military service is similar to getting any other type of government position after serving in the military. The Transportation Security Administration is responsible for hiring air marshals to serve in the field. As with many other government jobs, you can only apply for open positions online and only if you meet the basic requirements for the job. Whether you retired after years of service or only spent a few years in the military, you can work as an air marshal.

What is an Air Marshal?

Before you look at getting a job as an air marshal after military service, you need to understand what an air marshal does. According to the Transportation Security Administration, federal air marshals increase the safety of those on a flight and ensure that passengers feel comfortable. The number of positions in this field increased after 9/11, and air marshals now fly on both domestic and international flights. They wear undercover clothing, keep an eye for suspicious activity and investigate claims reported by passengers. In an emergency situation, an air marshal may take over the operations and management of a flight.

Requirements for the Job

Anyone applying for a job as an air marshal must be at least 21 years old and no older than 36 years old. As a veteran of the military, the age requirements do not apply to you. You can still apply for a position even if you are older than 36. Applicants also go through a screening test that identifies any drugs or alcohol that you used, the amount that you used and how long ago you used the substance. You’ll also need to go through a criminal background check that shows you have no felonies or domestic violence incidents on your record.

Training Process

While other federal agencies ask you to pass a medical and physical exam before working in the field, the TSA asks that you go through a training process that lasts for 16 weeks. You must show that you can handle the physical duties of the job and that you have strong stamina. During the training process, you’ll also learn more about handling a weapon and using different types of weapons. Depending on your military background, you may find that you have the strength and weapon skills needed for the job.

How to Apply for Air Marshal Jobs

Though you can get a job as an air marshal after military service, the job won’t come to you. You need to visit the USA Jobs website, which contains a full list of all federal jobs currently available. The site lets you create your own account and attach it to your email address, and you can upload a resume and link it to your account. When you apply for a job, the website will ask you about your military service and background, but after answering the questions once, you don’t need to answer them again.

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Federal air marshals work under the Transportation Security Administration. They sit on flights and watch for signs of security breaches and criminal activity. You can can get a job as an air marshal after military service, and you might find that the skills and experience you picked up over the years can help you easily pass the requirements for the job.