How Can I Get A Job in Information Technology After Military Service?

Information TechnologyFor many veterans, it can seem daunting to get a job in information technology after military service. Historically, many employers have differentiated between military experience in IT and a college degree in the same field, and that has left many without promising job prospects as their military service winds to a close. The good news for veterans is that the situation is actually improving as time goes on. Recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have dramatically increased the number of veterans in the United States, and many employers have taken notice by implementing alternative job requirements, unique training programs, and support services. So, how can an IT job be landed after military training?

Consider Federal and State Jobs that Recognize Military Service

The first thing to consider is the ability to land a job in the public sector after reentering civilian life. Since government agencies oversee the training programs used by the military when creating IT professionals, they know how stringent the program is and how highly educated veterans are when they begin to apply for similar jobs as civilians. They’re less likely to enforce college degree requirements for veterans with extensive service and related training, and they’re more likely to offer “parallel training” on the job that relates military skills to those needed in a public sector workplace. This is, by far, the most no-hassle option for those seeking immediate work after they’ve finished their time in the military.

Seek College Programs That Offer Credit for Life Experience

It can be pretty intimidating to re-enter the classroom after an extended absence due to military service, but the vast number of private sector IT employers do require candidates to either have a degree in information technology or at least be working on one at the time of their application. The good news is that many colleges are now more veteran-friendly than ever. Many major universities offer the ability to take challenge examinations as part of the admissions procedure. Upon admission, students sign up for challenge examinations that test their skills in any number of subjects: English, math, computer programming, psychology, and more. If they pass the exam, they’ll be able to use that exam in place of the course. This greatly accelerates the degree process, and could see some veterans earning their bachelor’s degree in IT with as few as 45 credits required.

Seek Entry-Level Jobs While Shoring Up Education Credentials

According to, another great way to land a job in information technology after military service is to simply find an entry-level technology job that can transition into more leadership-oriented IT positions in the future. While working in this field, veterans can pursue their IT education at major universities nearby or online, and they may find recruiters willing to hire them into more advanced positions as they near completion of the program. This is a great way to gain additional private sector job experience, all while boosting education credentials and setting the stage for long-term employment security and advancement.

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There Are Excellent Ways to Break into IT for Today’s Veterans

Information technology is growing quickly as an industry, and that means there is strong demand for qualified veterans and non-veterans alike. Whether it’s a public sector job, additional education, or entry-level work, there are several key paths that make it possible to get a job in information technology after military service.