Can You Go To Law School on the GI Bill?

Soldiers who receive benefits from the federal government can use those funds to go to law school on the GI Bill. The GI Bill is an act of government legislature that awards benefits to those who served their country in the past. Though you may receive loans for opening a new business or buying a new home, you can also get funds that help you pay for college, law school or even a training program.

What is the GI Bill?

The GI Bill is an act also called the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act. Introduced in 1944, the program offered benefits to soldiers returning from World War II. This act helps soldiers seek out loans with low interest rates and easy repayment terms, but it also provides soldiers with money they can use on college and other education expenses. It also lets soldiers put money into a fund that the government will double to use later. For example, it you put in $100 a month every month during your enlistment, the government would put $200 in that same account.

How Much Can You Get?

If you want to go to law school on the GI Bill, you likely want to know how much you will get. The total amount depends on whether you voluntarily put money into an account for use or whether you use the standard amount given to soldiers. While enrolled full time in an accredited program, you will get around $1,700 a month, which you can use for all education expenses. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, a full time student is someone who takes 12 or more credit hours each semester. Those who take just one three hour credit class can still get more than $400 a month.

Can You Use the Money for Law School?

You absolutely can go to law school on the GI Bill. The cost of attending law school can easily be more than $20,000 or even $30,000 a year. Though many students assume that they must go pre-law as an undergraduate, you can actually enter law school with a degree in business, history, political science or a similar topic. Majoring in a separate field of study can help you in law school because you have more familiarity with the type of law you want to practice. The GI Bill lets you get as much as $21,000 a year to pay for law school.

How Else Can You Use the GI Bill?

While most students use the GI Bill to pay for their tuition, you can use the funds for anything you need while in college or law school. Some students use the money to cover their living expenses. Working part time while in school lets you focus more on your studies, and you can use your GI Bill funds to cover your rent and bills. You can also use the bill for other expenses, including the miscellaneous fees charged by your law school, textbooks and a new computer.

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The government introduced the GI Bill as a way to help soldiers coming back from World War II pay for college. It essentially rewards you for the time you spent helping the country. You can go to law school on the GI Bill or use the funds to pay for any education expenses you have.