Can You Get a Military Degree While Actively Serving in the Military?

If you have ever wondered if you can get a military degree while actively serving in the military, you will be safe to know that the answer is yes. Here, we discuss the basics of how it works and some of the degrees popularly sought in this arena.

Common Confusion

There is a lot of confusion around this topic. This is mostly because of the already implied dedication that will be provided to the military while actively serving. Most people quite understandably assume that military service already means being maxed out on time and energy. While active service does call for some rigorous times on occasion, the idea that earning a degree while active is impossible is purely a fallacy.

How It Works

So, how exactly does one get a military degree while actively serving in the military? First, most military bases have education offices. These offices have premade relationships with designated colleges that will teach the correlating coursework. Not only do these relationships afford the right courses, but they also offer notable flexibility.

In the military, you never know where you’ll be, when, or for how long. It can be different for everyone. The military and their partnering schools understand this and thus provide this great flexibility.

Classes are often taught on base or nearby and tailored to time slots that will work for the service member. This is the case when serving domestically as well as abroad. Classes are also setup for off-duty times. In addition, today’s distance learning options bring even more flexibility to this mix, making classes available anywhere there is an internet connection. Degrees can sometimes take longer when earned during active duty, but the flexibility allowed makes this more than acceptable to the program, according to

Popular Degree Choices

With the basic explanations in place, let’s now take a look at some specific degrees that are often earned in this way. These few examples are quite popular choices among active service members today.


In the military and outside, engineering is a valuable discipline to study. It is this discipline that is responsible for figuring out how and where to build infrastructure. How will electricity flow? Where will the roads be paved? Is the soil composition strong enough to support this new facility? These are the concerns of the engineer and the engineering degree itself.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is another popular degree choice among active service members. In the military, tribunals, court and legal matters, and even military police are all dependent on criminal justice concepts and studies. Outside of the military, the need for professionals schooled in these areas is even higher.

Emergency Management

Emergency management involves the safe and organized management of people and resources when it comes to great emergencies. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even man-made disasters can all incite the need for special management during the emergency. Learners in this degree program will become experts in harvesting calm from any chaos.

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Earning a degree while in the military is not only possible, but it may also be the most flexible and opportune time to earn a degree. There are also many degree options here to choose from. To get more information on how to get a military career while actively serving in the military, contact your local base’s education office.