Can You Get a Job With a Private Military Contractor After Military Service?

Private ContractorIf you would like to get a job with a private military contractor after military service, you may have an advantage to land a position because of your military background. There are several large private contractors in the United States and some of the most popular contractors include BAE, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. These contractors have their own private defense contracts with various agencies in the government like the Department of Defense and provide both materials and services. If you have completed your military service to the country and you are looking for a position as a civilian, you can use your military background to your advantage by seeking opportunities with the right contractor. Read on, and learn about the titles that you can hold and why there is a military advantage.

What Types of Jobs Can You Get With a Military Contractor?

If you are interested in becoming an employee with a defense contractor, the first step that you must take is to discover what types of opportunities exist. There are a variety of contractors that offer a wide range of products and services to the Department of Defense. These contractors have a need for many different professionals who can fill all types of roles. From engineers and maintenance staff, to finance executives and human resources specialists, there are several career paths to choose from no matter what industry you work in. You have to consider what your strengths are, what types of relevant experience that you have generated, and whether or not you will need educational experience to land a position.

Why Do People Who Served in the Military Have an Advantage?

If you serve a tour of duty in the U.S. military, you deserve to get a job as a civilian when you come home. While some private companies that do not contract directly with the government have made a commitment to hire veterans, most military contractors will hire veterans after they are out of uniform. One of the main reasons why past servicemen and women have an advantage with these contractors is because the almost all U.S defense contracts are actively managed by retired military officers.

These officers know how much of a commitment servicemen have made, because they have made the same commitment to defend the country. The managers tend to manage like lieutenants do in uniform, which creates the need for employees who can walk to walk. If you do not mind this mentality, you will receive higher pay out of your uniform by working as an employee of a military contractor. If you did not enjoy the type of direction you received in the military, this may not be the role for you even though the setting tends to be a bit more relaxed.

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You must consider your background and where you can use this experience with a defense contractor. There are plenty of opportunities to choose from but having an undergraduate degree can help you compete against other veterans who also have a degree. Private contractors are highly paid and highly sought after by the government. When working for these contractors, you can make an average of $84,000 per year compared to the $1516 to 415,913 range that servicemen make, according to The Nest. This fact is the main reason why many servicemen choose to get a job with a private military contractor after military service.