Can I Get A Job With Homeland Security After The Military?

Homeland Security JobsServing in the military can give you a set of skills applicable to several civilian fields, and making the transition to a homeland security job after the military is a straightforward lateral career move.

Veterans Outreach Programs

If you’re still in the military and are looking into your post-military career, know that the Department of Homeland Security has veterans for almost 25% of its workforce, and has programs designed to give you correspondence courses you can take in the military to qualify you for Department of Homeland Security jobs when your term of service is up.

Veterans Preference Programs

Veterans Preference are a set of hiring guidelines that move a veteran’s resume into a different evaluation queue for a job, according to the website Feds Hire Vets. It’s not a guarantee that the Department of Homeland Security will hire you, and not all veterans will qualify for it. The usual requirements for Veterans Preference are for veterans who are disabled, or who served for at least two years of active duty during a time of war. Military spouses and widows may also meet Veterans Preference requirements.

Veterans Recruitment Appointments

For recently separated veterans with honorable discharges, you can apply for certain jobs paralleling your MOS. When using a Veterans Recruitment Appointment application, you’re jumped to the head of the line. To qualify, you must also have a campaign badge for service during a war, or an Armed Forces Service Medal for participation in a military operation, or be a disabled veteran. While this is not a guarantee that you’ll be hired, it improves your odds considerably.

Law Enforcement Positions

The vast majority of veterans who take a Homeland Security job after the military join the Department’s Law Enforcement divisions. These specialists range from physical security specialists and law enforcement security officers, who look for problems before they begin, and secure government and public facilities. Many of these personnel provide supervision and coordination for contract guards, or act as first responders to crimes in progress.

Criminal Investigators

Veterans with the right training can find a wide range of criminal investigation positions open up to them in the Department of Homeland Security. Investigators gather evidence of crimes, and focus on crimes that have happened on federal facilities.

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security has expanded the rolls of its cybersecurity and cyber crimes investigation unit; this is a hot area of expertise that pays well for people with the right skills in the right software packages.

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Managerial Positions

If you had a supervisory or leadership role in the military, especially in Administration or Operations, there’s a good chance that a post-separation management career in the department can serve your needs. These personnel provide guidance and leadership and administration to over 15,000 security officers, and considerably greater numbers of security contractors. Experience in federal contracting requirements and program management is a strong plus in this field.

Similarly, if your experience in the military tied into logistics, planning or acquisition, there are positions open in the Department for veterans with those skills, as well as accounting and first-hand knowledge of government procurement contracts.

The examples given here are a small subset of the career opportunities for veterans who want to get a homeland security job after leaving the military. There are plenty of ways to make a living while continuing to serve your country.